Efficient and Secure PC Clone

Professional clone software to easily clone disks, partitions and Windows OS with alignment, supports full type HDDs and SSDs. Upgrade disk or PC without reinstalling operating system and applications for better performance and shorter boot up time.

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1-Click iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Complete iPhone to iPhone transfer software to help you upgrade iOS device or transfer files between each other. No network or cellular data required. Encrypted transmission to ensure the security of all data the whole process.

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AnyCloner Is Your Best Assistant

  • Simple

    The interface is straightforward without the tedious steps, you needn’t worry about the complicated migration process. AnyCloner enables you to auto migrate data in one click, and successfully recover data from dead machines.

  • Efficient

    Efficiently migrate all your data to a new location to help users quickly resolve reinstallation programs and systems. You can transfer iPhone to iPhone faster without Wi-Fi or internet.

  • Flexible

    Selectively transfer necessary files between iOS devices and perform disk cloning in multiple ways with the software to clone hard drive for free. Continuously protect important data by scheduling backup disks.

  • Secure

    Users have the option to encrypt transmissions, and you are the only one who has access to data on your device and disk. AnyCloner will never retain any data without the user's permission.

What They Say About AnyCloner

Ellen Ted

“You can easily migrate OS to new SSD with this user-friendly software to clone hard drive for free. Grab it and have a try if needed.”

Alan Lord

“AnyCloner is a great helper to clone larger HDD to smaller SSD without boot failure. It saves the life of my computer before it crashes.”

Keith Lora

“This excellent disk cloning software for free helped me a lot in cloning Windows 11 hard drive to smaller SSD. And it boots successfully after cloning.”

William Parker

“I was impressed with AnyCloner, which is the easiest and most effective iPhone transfer tool I've found after trying several different data migration methods. Be sure to use it if necessary, all the files you need can be quickly transferred to your new device.”